Every Morning

by jknox on January 11, 2013



10:30 pm  “I don’t know how much longer I can do this,” I whisper to God with tears in the corners of my eyes.  So tired.  Waiting for a break in the action that never seems to come with a demanding job and two babies in the house.

2:30 am  Feed Lucy, change out the laundry, stumble back to bed.

6:20 am  The phone rings.  A mom wants to know what to do for her baby with a fever,  agrees to come to my office today.  The day begins.  Always before I’m ready.  Shower?  Not yet, Lucy just woke up hungry.

7:00 am  The dog is sick and had several accidents in our bedroom.  Jonathan scrubs.  I dress for work.

7:20 am  Both children crying.  Lucy wants to be held.  Knox doesn’t want his diaper changed today.  Jonathan up to his elbows in poop, again.

7:30 am  Commotion outside.  This might distract Knox from his tears.  We step outside to a thousand birds in the trees overhead, chattering, a cacophony.  Knox is captivated.  Forgiveness.  Suddenly, a hush and then a collective wing beat as the birds take flight as one.  “God’s mercies are new every morning,” I whisper.  And they are.

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Meredith January 12, 2013 at 10:05 pm

I am often so glad that his mercies are new every morning. What a good gift he gives us each day when the sun rises. Especially when you’ve been up all night with babies! Praying for new mercies (and the continued ability to see them) for you guys!

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